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 Founded in 1998


Founded in 1998 and based in Detroit, Michigan, Office Installations, Inc. is a trusted professional installation provider to both private and government sectors across the nation.   Over the past 2 decades, OI has had the pleasure of helping businesses move forward in comfort, style and confidence as they utilize the furniture we receive, deliver and install for our clients and their end user.


As a Military Veteran-owned business, our CEO and Founder, Thomas J. Doneth has utilized the skills he learned in the military to lead a team of professional installers, project managers and in-house support personnel who make the difference in every job we service and every relationship we build. 


Our reputation to deliver exceptional customer service and quality comes from our commitment to maintain certificates of training for multiple furniture manufacturers.  We pride ourselves on product knowledge, flexibility and the practice of communicating every detail to ensure a seamless process for our clients.

Our Mission



Trust the Process, it's the OI Way

We focus furiously on individual customer needs.  How do we really know what our customers want?  We just ask them! 


By simply asking our customers what they need, we are able to continually deliver a positive customer experience.  We openly discuss service levels, pricing, product quality, and even additional business opportunities for all.  


We aim to surpass expectations,  provide solutions to the most challenging logistical situations and make sure that both our clients and the end user trust the process and are happy and confident the job was done correctly and on time.  

It's the OI Way... 

Our Leadership

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Mr. Thomas J. Doneth

Managing Director | Founder 

Thomas J. Doneth is the Managing Directors and founder of Office Installations, Inc. established in 1998.  Mr. Doneth is known as an individual who is able to build relationships, trust and respect with a hard working, enthusiastic and friendly attitude towards everyone.  


Mr. Doneth has overseen such projects as World Savings national growth program, Wachovia Mortgage national program 2002-2009, Wachovia Securities/AG Edwards consolidation 2009-20011, Wells Fargo Advisor 2009-present, Toyota Ann Arbor, MI proving grounds, Detroit Metro Airport expansion, ATF national refresh, and VA refresh throughout the U.S and Puerto Rico.   


In addition, his background includes education from Central Michigan University 1988-1990, Michigan State University 1990- 1994 and the US Navy 1990-1998.  Mr. Doneth was an aircrew member for the USN and USNR from 1990 to 1998 which gave him the backbone to become an entrepreneur and create Office Installations, Inc.  It is through this knowledge that he has learned the use of chain of command and strength by example.  Mr. Doneth surrounds himself with a core team that shares his vision and strong work ethic to deliver exceptional quality with every job. National corporations have learned through hard work and dedication that they can rely on Mr. Doneth and his team to complete projects on time and on budget.

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” – Henry Ford

Garage Doors

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Our Core

Glass Conference Room

Professional team that travels the nation to deliver, install  and provide project management on the job site. 

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